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Win & In

On April 4, 2023, the USL announced the 2023 W League playoff structure. With a rapid growth in number of teams across the country, we understood that the league would restructure the playoff system. Even during the 2022 season, we were told that the league would revisit the playoff structure after the season was completed. The W League is being broken down into 4 conferences, Eastern, Central, Southern, & Western Conferences. Each conference is guaranteed 4 teams in the 2023 playoffs. The Eastern Conference & Western Conference are the only 2 where a division COULD get 3 clubs, top two from one of the divisions and a wild card spot.

As for our ladies in blue, they play in the Valley Division which is placed in the Central Conference. The Central's playoff bid are as follows: Great Lakes Division - top team advances, Heartland Division - top team advances, Valley Division - top team advances. Between the Great Lakes & Heartland Divisions, a wild card bid will go to the highest remaining club. This makes the goal very simple for Indy Eleven, finish top of the division and we are in. Last season we had a wild card buffer, albeit wasn't needed as our ladies were one of 3 clubs to go undefeated through the regular season (FC Miami & Minnesota Aurora FC.)

Playoffs this year are set to begin play on July 6 & 9 (round of 16 7 quarterfinals,) July 14-16 (semifinals,) & the final to take playce somewhere between July 21 & July 23.

As a reminder, our ladies in blue kick off the season in St Charles on May 10th while continuing on the road for 2 more games vs Lexington SC & Kings Hammer FC before coming home to Grand Park Event Center on July 2 at 7:00pm when they take on Racing Louisville FC.

For more further details on the USL W League 2023 playoff structure, head on over to

For more details on our ladies in blue & how to obtain tickets to their 2023 season, head on over to

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