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Valley Division Is Well Underway

On May 10, 2023, the valley division started their season. We saw 2 matchups, St. Charles FC playing host to Indy Eleven & Lexington SC playing host to Kings Hammer. To those new to watching the W league streams, we saw two completely different attempts at doing so. St Charles FC had the appearance that said, “be glad you have a stream,” & Lexington SC had the appearance of a competent group of folks who will improve over the course of the season. Despite the “sub-par” stream, Indy fans saw a thrashing 8 goal victory. Sam Dewey obtained the first goal of the 2023 season for our girls in blue, while Emily Edwards claimed the first clean sheet. That clean sheet came with assistance from the midfield and defenders as it appeared St Charles couldn’t buy a shot. Dewey finished the game with 2 goals alongside Maisie Whitsett. Katie Soderstrom started the season with a goal alongside Hal Hershfelt, Maria Vanegas, & Alli Leonard. With a result like that, our Girls in Blue immediately jumped to first in the Division, meanwhile, Lexington SC managed to seal a 2-1 victory in their inaugural match against Kings Hammer.

Kings Hammer and St. Charles would then go on to face each other on Mother’s Day. St Charles would go on to get their first goal on the season, however they would fall 3-1 to Kings Hammer. Racing Louisville would finally enter the season, 8 days after the rest. Despite having direct ties to their NWSL side, no stream was provided for the 2nd straight season. They took on in-state foes in Lexington SC. Unfortunately for Lexington, Racing Louisville found the better of them and took a 3-0 victory.

Indy heads down to Lexington this Sunday, May 21st, for their 2nd of 3 opening road games. This will also be the first of 2 in 4 days as they will head to Kings Hammer on the 24th. The girls in blue hope to continue the success of match one. Was it “first game syndrome,” or are these girls just that good? We hope to find out on Sunday.

Fans, if you are looking for a place to watch the girls in blue with like minded fans, be sure to hit up the Brickyard Battalion for every away day, men’s & women’s, over at Union Jack in Broad Ripple. So long as there is a stream link for the match, the BYB will be there. You can learn more information on the BYB watch parties by looking for them on their social medias. @The_BYB on Twitter & Instagram, and Brickyard Battalion on Facebook.

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