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  • John "Mountain" Rice

Positive Outlook

Following the Indy Eleven Men's match on April 8, 2023, I had the surprising pleasure to speak to the women's head coach, Paul Dolinsky. Unfortunately, he was already in his car with whom I presume was his family and was already heading out of the parking lot. He noticed me, stopped me and we had a quick chat. Albeit, he did not provide names of who is returning, he did however inform me that the club has names of the ladies he either plans to sign or has already signed to the 2023 USL W League season and is just waiting for the club to make the announcements. He hopes the ladies can bring more success to the club. We briefly discussed that evenings men's match, both noting that it's a long season and there's hopefully more to come. I didn't want to take up too much of his time so our short and spur of the moment conversation ended there.

Our ladies in blue kick off their season on the road against St Charles on May 10. They will start the season with 3 games on the road before coming home to Grand Park Event Center on June 2nd in their first of 2 matchups against Racing Louisville in 4 days. For more information on the Indy Eleven Women's team, their schedule & how to obtain tickets, head on over to

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