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Indy Is In The Semifinals!

Indy Eleven have advanced to the USL W League 2023 semifinals! Immediately after lifting the trophy, it was reported on the club’s social media pages that Indy will be hosting their semifinal on Friday, July 14th at Grand Park at 7:00pm ET. Their opponent, SF Glens SC out of the Western Conference.

July 8th marked a key point in the history of women’s soccer in the circle city. Rumors had been stirring about that with a 2nd win in Flint, MI, Indy would be hosting the semifinal matchup against the Western Conference champions. There was only one issue, Indy was facing Minnesota Aurora. In 2022, Indy’s season was ended against Aurora 2-1 in the first round of the playoffs. With a lot of ladies returning for 2023, the Central Conference Championship quickly became a revenge match.

The first half was a rough, tough, hard fought, elbows out half. And the ref was letting the lady’s battle. Despite numerous chances from both sides, the first half would end 0-0. Halftime hit and all I could think about was “I’ve seen this all season.” Meaning, Indy will battle the first 45 & survive. Then make adjustments at the half, come back out, and do what they do best. Score. With the second half underway, both sides again gaining opportunities but no smoke. Then late in the 56th minute, a foul would be drawn at the American football 20-yard line. Grace Bahr would step up to the ball and strike midway through the 57th minute. A little lob on the ball sends it deep in the box and finds non other than Sam Dewey! Giving Sam her 9th goal on the regular season, 2nd in the playoffs. The assist gave Grace just her 2nd assist on the season. Aurora would keep up the pressure and attack for the rest of the match. Unfortunately for Aurora, Nona Reason was in goal and recorded yet another shutout, her 7th shutout on the year*.

The Glens are coming off a phenomenal inaugural season finishing 10-1-1 out of the Northern California Division. Their first matchup of playoffs saw a 5-1 victory over Oakland Soul, followed up with a close 2-1 victory in the conference championship over California Storm. The Glens had a great start to their regular season before Cal Storm came to their place and forced a draw with 3 games left in the season. A few days later was a closely contested game against Marin FC Sirens, which saw the Glens win it 3-2. Then to end the regular season, the Glens played the Soul and lost 1-3. Might be why they came back to the playoffs and beat them 5-1. This will be the Glens first trip to Indiana.

Tickets for Friday’s match are only $8.00 ($9.52 after fees.) You can head to to get yours! Help us PACK THE PARK this Friday, July 14, 2023.

*GK stat provided by Drew from Game Beckons (@GenWRX6 on twitter.)*

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