Boys in Blue Get First Home Win Since May 22

Saturday night the boys in blue played host to OKC Energy FC. This matchup between two teams fighting for a playoff spot was anything but boring. We saw the return of Neveal Hackshaw and Jordan Farr to the starting lineup and the absence of Nick Moon and Jared Timmer. The game saw Kyle Hyland make his return to Carroll Stadium to do Cheers to Indy before the game. The first half kicked off and it wasn't long until a yellow card was shown to Aboubacar Sissoko in the 10'. About the 18', there was a 5 minute period where the amazing and loud BYB was forced into a repeated cycle of "you're not gonna make it" and "you just didn't make it" as OKC was given four corner kicks in a row, that was just the start of the loud night for the BYB. Then in 26' the smoke was cued as the Indy Eleven took an early lead with Manuel Arteaga getting a beautiful pass up to Nicky Law who punched it in over Cochran making it an early 1-0. 10 minutes later OKC answers of off a corner and headed in by Lamar Batista. 45' the ball takes an OKC bounce and Adekoya and Jordan Farr race towards the ball, Farr gets to it first but Adekoya wasn't able to slow down and sends Farr head over heels to the ground. Obviously the refs show Adekoya a yellow card and that ends the first half with a 1-1 score heading into the locker rooms.

Start of the second half, and the boys in blue pick up right back up where they left it in the first half. Within the first three minutes the boys in blue had a great chance to get another point but Law pushes the ball just barely out of the reach of Gordon Wild. Then in minute 53 the BYB gets another chance to go crazy and light up the smoke bombs as another ball finds the back of the net for Indy. This time it's Nicky Law sends a beauty of a cross into the box where it is headed in by none other than Manueal Arteaga. All the boys have to do now is play great defense and not let OKC score and they do exactly that. Jordan Farr has some massive saves for the rest of the half and Arteaga has a chance to make it a 3-1 game but a great save by Cochran keeps it at 2-1. Max Rogers decides that the 72' would be a good time to sub as he takes Aboubacar Sissoko and the captain Ayoze out and puts in Peter-Lee Cassell and Patrick Seagrist. Another chance for Arteaga in 90' but another save by Cochran kept it at bay. The fourth official decides to add 4 minutes of stoppage time and the boys in blue just have to protect their net. Before the end of the game two more yellow cards were handed out to Arteaga in 90+3' and Gordon Wild in 90+4'. Just a minute after the final yellow is given the final whistles are blown and the Indy Eleven manage to get their first home win since may 22 againsts SCK2.

The boys in blue saw some phenomenal play from many of the players during the 94 minutes of play. Arteaga, Law, Wild, and Aoyze led the offensive charge and had some of the best offensive play we have seen this year. The return of Hack and Farr was the defensive story going into this game but coming out of it the story was thank the heavens that Jordan Farr is back and why haven't we been playing Jeremiah Guthjar all season. Guthjar was all over the ball defensively and had a number of steals. Hack Cochran and Ouimette made a great back three as always and Rece Buckmaster was hustling up and down the field all night making and starting some great plays on both sides of the ball. This may be a hot take but this game felt like the first time the entire team ran together smoothly. The defense wasn't letting much get back to Jordan Farr and the offense was making sure that Cochran was to be tested all night long. This great win puts the Eleven up to fifth on the table, tied for points with FC Tulsa but only behind them by one game. The Boys in Blue travel to Segra Stadium in Leesburg Virginia to battle Loudoun United FC on Wednesday before traveling to Children's Mercy Park in Kansas City Kansas to battle Sporting Kansas City II on Sunday. Both games can be seen on ESPN+ and the USL Championship YouTube Page. The next home game for the boys in blue is Saturday August 28 as the boys in blue play host to the Real Monarchs SLC.

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