Boys in Blue Capture Second Home Win in a Row

Saturday night the boys in blue took the field at Carroll Stadium to play host to the Real Monarchs SLC. After two rough road games the Indy XI looked to get back on a winning streak. Bob Ross night kicked off at 7pm and was a game to remember. Jordan Farr got things started for Indy with a beautiful save in the fifth minute and in the ninth Nick Moon was looking to draw the first points of the game but sent his shot just a little above the crossbar. Two minutes later Nick Moon tries again but the effort turns to a corner kick that is harmlessly cleared by SLC. In 16' Gordon Wild takes his first shot on goal but the fifteen year old goalie catches it and sends the ball back towards Farr. Ten minutes later Nick Moon plays the ball over to Manuel Arteaga who pulls out his bow and arrow as he knocks the ball into the back of the net giving the Eleven their first points of the game. In the 30' an Amanda Wallace approved hydration break takes place to make sure that everyone is keeping hydrated. Another shot is taken at Farr but he gathers it quite easily and sends it back the other way. The first yellow card caution is awarded to Flores of SLC for yanking Nick Moon down to the ground in the 44'. A minute later Jeremiah Gutjhar earns the first yellow card of the XIand 3 minutes of stoppage are added to the first half of play. Then as time winds down in the first half Gordon Wild gets pulled to the ground and a PK is awarded to Indy and it's none other than Manuel Arteaga to take the shot. Arteaga slowly approached the ball and sent it just to the right of the outstretched hands of the Monarchs goalie giving the boys in blue a 2-0 lead going into halftime.

To start the second half the Monarchs get some substitutions and we start to play backup. Gordon Wild tries to get another assist on the year as he sends one over to Nicky Law who can't quite get it between the sticks. Malik Johnson of the Monarchs sends a ball towards the net and it just barely misses to the left. Another dangerous look for the XI as Wild sends the ball towards the net and gets the shot sent back to Koffie who sends the ball to the moon, sadly not Nick Moon. Another chance for Nick Moon to get the ball to Arteaga who takes the shot and it goes just barely over the net. Jordan Farr gets another great save in 65' keeping the clean sheet alive. Another Amanda approved hydration break and a pair of sub for the Indy Eleven, in comes Ayoze and Buckmaster for Seagrist and Moon. A couple minutes go by and Gutjahr and Law come out as Sissoko and Vassell come in. Arteaga takes another shot trying to make it a hattrick but the young goalie makes the save. A minute later SLC gets very close to scoring as the ball goes off of Farr's hand and bounces off the crossbar. A pair of yellow cards were given to Kyle Adams of SLC and Arteaga in the 79' after an altercation that made Neveal Hackshaw look as if he was ready to start throwing punches. Another yellow card is given out in the 84' and it's given to Ayoze. Jordan Farr once again saves a shot and all looks good for the Indy goalie. The final sub for the Indy Eleven comes in the 87'. Gordon Wild exits the game and for the first time this year Carl Haworth walks onto the pitch to finish the game. Four minutes of stoppage time added to the end of the game but the only thing that happens is another attempt at a hattrick by Arteaga that sadly doesn't go in. The Boys in Blue get their second home win in a row with a 2-0 win over the Monarchs. Bob Ross night goes off with a near hattrick for Arteaga and a clean sheet via Jordan Farr. The BYB and the BiB get to celebrate and enjoy a great game. The Indy Eleven fans took to the Man Of The Match poll and decided that none other than Manueal Arteaga gets the MOTM nod with 61% of the votes.

Carroll stadium will be packed again for the next three Saturdays as the Eleven play host to Atlanta United II this coming Saturday, a midweek game at FC Tulsa next wednesday,then on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 the boys in blue will host SKCII and then finish off the four home saturday slate with the third instalment of LIPAFC as we play host the table leading Lou City.

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